Pv Optimizer

  • Most PV installations operate below potential, average -20%
  • Most sites not suitable for PV: trees, chimneys, antennas, buildings
  • PV string voltages are lethal and unstoppable in an emergency
  • ENDANA increase PV revenue, enables PV everywhere and makes PV safe
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Key Functions

  • PV string reconfiguration brings 10-20% gain or more
  • Remote performance monitoring: reports and alarms
  • Emergency shutdown disconnects PV panels
  • Corrects mismatch: aging, temperature gradient, tolerance, shading
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  • Patented algorithm optimally reconnects panels
  • Based on periodic measurement of each PV panel’s I-V curve
  • Compatible with all inverters and PV panels
  • True safety disconnect with relays, not active components


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  • Bitron And Helios Strategia A Reliable Partnership >>>


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